Failing to adequately investigate, address and respond to allegations of abuse everyone.

We’re committed to breaking the cycle of silence and injustice surrounding the mishandling of discrimination, harassment, abuse, and/or misconduct allegations, in universities. It's time to take action, create a safe environment, and ensure that survivors, witnesses, and the accused are heard and treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.


We begin by listening. We listen to the stories, the pain, and the experiences of survivors, witnesses, and those affected by the mishandling of serious allegations, including discrimination, harassment, abuse, and/or misconduct. We provide a platform for voices that have been silenced for too long. We understand that the act of listening is where change truly starts.


We advocate for the implementation of clear and equitable policies, mandatory training, reporting mechanisms, and comprehensive support services within universities. We urge institutions to respond promptly and effectively when allegations arise.


Our ultimate goal is change. We envision a future where universities are safe and inclusive for all. A future where abuse survivors are supported, justice is served, and the accused are treated fairly and with due process. Our campaign aims to drive this change through advocacy, awareness, education, and accountability.

"I felt like they didn't care"

These words resonate with the countless individuals who have been impacted by the broad spectrum of discrimination, harassment, abuse, and/or misconduct experienced and/or reported in academic settings. These voices, often silenced, share experiences of frustration, pain, trauma, and isolation.

Listening to these stories is the first step towards a safer and more just future. It compels us to advocate for policies, training, support services, and accountability within universities. Together, we can ensure that no one ever has to say, "I felt like they didn't care."

Of 102 universities in England and Wales, only 9 had satisfactory policies for dealing with sexual assault.

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